Preschool Course

*Preschool :  

   Mon-Fri 9:15-14:15 (2 years old〜6 years old)

 ALPHA is different.                   

We don't have a spectacular website with lengthy descriptions of our philosophy. We don't have a language laboratory equipped with the latest  technology.

We don't have an onsite playground for our  younger students to use. What we  do have is a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified staff who believeeducation in English shouldbe for everyone and that the  learning experience should last a lifetime.

   ALPHA is different

Our Preschool students learn about Literacy and  Early Math Skills the way they  could at most other Preschools but we also teach Music, Art and Crafts,  P.E. and Science all in English.  

What is even more significant, though, is the  fact that we place equal importance on other areas of life which are  often considered unimportant at other schools.

These include teaching Good Manners, Hygiene, Life Skills like independence and  Decision Making and Determination. These skills will set the children up for life at  Primary School. They will havea good understanding of the English language  but, just as importantly, they will be independent learners ready to take on the  very serious role of an `Ichi   Nen Sei'

who knows they can do anything they  want to if they set their   mind to it.

ALPHA is different
We believe that having spent time learning in English,students must be given  the opportunity to continueto do so after graduating from the Preschool.  After School courses have beendesigned with this in mind.

ALPHA is different
We have experience in Education, Parenting and as Language Learners ourselves.  We don't ask you to believe every word written here. We  do ask you, however, to come and see foryourself. We offerfree Trial  Lessons  for every course. For those of you interested in the Preschool Course, we know what a big decision it is to leave your child in strange surroundings for 5hours every day.  That's why  we offer a full day trial from 9.15- 2.15for the Preschool course (this includes Lunch Time so don't forget your OBento!) to let you and  your childexperience exactly how  ALPHA is  different.

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